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Magnifying GlassAttorneys Royce A Hobbs and Jack Bowyer are engaged in the Private Practice of Law in Stillwater, Oklahoma.
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Royce A. Hobbs

PortraitRoyce has been an attorney since 1977. Royce was an Assistant District Attorney in Tulsa and Mayes Counties. He moved to Perry, Oklahoma and established his private practice in 1981. During private practice Royce represented a variety of clients in Criminal (Capital and Non-Capital) Cases, both privately retained and as a contract Public Defender for the Oklahoma Indigent Defense System: Divorce Proceedings involving child custody, visitation, and support obligations; Juvenile Law including guardianships, delinquent and deprived cases; Personal Injury cases involving auto accidents Estate Administration of Probates, preparation of Wills and Trust documents; Real Estate Transactions involving both commercial and residential transactions; and Oil and Gas Surface Damages and Transactions. In 1997, Royce moved to Stillwater and expanded his practice. Royce currently represents privately retained clients in central Oklahoma, including the counties of Payne, Noble Lincoln, Pawnee, Logan, and Tulsa Counties.

Jack Bowyer

PortraitJack has been an attorney since 1982. Jack met Royce in 1982 when Jack was an Assistant District Attorney in Tulsa County, Oklahoma. In 1986, Jack moved home to Perkins, Oklahoma to practice law and be with his family. While in private practice he employed two attorneys and three support staff. He also represented clients in Family Relations: Divorce and Child Support; Representation of Deprived and Delinquent Children and Parents; Representation of Representatives in the Administration of Probate Estate; Defense of Felony (capital and Non-Capital) cases and Misdemeanor criminal cases. Jack was also a contract Public Defender with the Oklahoma Indigent Defense System for all Payne County court appointed cases, Logan County (Juvenile cases), 25% of Noble County criminal cases, and a rotating Court appointed attorney for criminal cases in Lincoln County. Jack represented the Town of Perkins, OK in eliminating the long distance telephone service charge between Stillwater, OK and Perkins, OK in front of the Oklahoma Corporation Commission. Jack was a Title Examination and Closing Officer for the United States Government's Farm Home Administration (FMHA). He also represented the Town of Jennings as the Municipal Judge for 2 years and represented the Town of Carney, OK for 4 years as City Attorney. In 1994 Jack was employed with the Payne County District Attorney OFfice. During his employment, Jack was the Director o the 9th Judicial District ATtorney's Drug Task Force, including prosecution of felony drugs offenses, including but not limited to Post Conviction Relief, Judicial Review and Asset Forfeitures. Jack's Responsibilities also included being the liaison from the DA's office to the Payne COunty Drug Court for 14 years. Jack was an Instructor for Council for Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET) classes for Reserve Police Officers at Meridian Technology for approximately eight years. He currently represents privately retained clients in central Oklahoma, including the counties of Payne, Noble, Lincoln, Pawnee, Logan, and Tulsa Counties.

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